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Proffitt and Sons, Inc. is a manufacturer of Prefabricated
Steel Structural Systems - Wall Panels, Floor Systems,
and Roof Trusses. We also offer job site installation
of our systems including Dry Wall services. Job site
supervision services are also available.

Founded in 1979 by Ray Proffitt Sr. with headquarters
in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The company operates
throughout the Southeastern United States on a
widely diversified range of projects including
commercial, industrial, and specialty construction.

Mr. Proffitt built a reputation for providing quality service,
meeting schedules, and a firm hand shake. His plan has
worked and has instilled confidence for the company to
steadily grow, while never forgetting these consistent

For the last several years, Proffitt and Sons has been an
industry leader by advancing construction design and utilizing
prefabricated metal framed systems. We take prefabrication to
a new level by adding panelized floor systems to our wall and
metal truss systems.   Our systems complement each other by
achieving complete light weight structural design to accelerate
construction schedules, saving money, and time for our clients.

Our reputation for high quality at a reasonable cost is second
to none.  Top management is involved in each project, with a
personal service approach taken.  This combined with an excellent
support staff, allows for cost containment along with consistent
high quality while keeping customer service our number one priority.

The company holds an unlimited contractor's license with the
State of Tennessee.  This license, along with substantial bonding
and financial capabilities, allows us to work on and complete
essentially any project.  In addition, we are fully compliant with
all government requirements and have worked on local, state,
and federal project.  We are also qualified and registered to bid
on United States Military contracts and have previously completed
several of these projects.  We are completely dedicated to job
safety.  Our safety policies and practices meet or exceed those
required by Federal OSHA and TOSHA.

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